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Great White Shark Attacks Our Boat

We were fishing eight and a half miles from Panama City Beach catching Amberjack and Bonita.I was using my i pilot trolling motor to hold us over the spot as it has a GPS. 20 minutes into our trip we felt a large bump on the front of the boat which picked us up and moved us two feet to the side, followed by the boat starting to shake violently back and forth. I ran to the front and saw a great white shark holding on to my trolling motor! I pulled the trolling motor from its mouth we started to float around for a minute and the shark circled the boat a few times and left so we moved back to over the spot and deployed my trolling motor. once again immediately the shark came back up and grab the motor for a second time I pulled it from his mouth but wasn't going anywhere. he just started to circle the boat. I got some of the footage at that point he faded off so we moved back over the spot for a third time and as soon as I deployed the trolling motor he attacked it for a third time. This is the video you see of me saying gosh dang it he's going to get my trolling motor again. After pulling the motor out of the water again we floated for a small distance and let sharks circled the boat a few more times and left at that point I decided it was probably better to leave the area .

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