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Wild Goshawk Eating It's Prey In My Garden.

This is my first 100% original upload to LiveLeak. As all the birds in the sky, trees and earth screamed and shouted I instinctively knew something was happening. When that does occur you naturally feel somewhat out of place and you find yourself looking wantingly upward unto the skies. My little heckles at that moment stood up and I got goose bumps that sadly I too quickly shook off without batting an eyelid. It was not the first time I had heard this. I was out at the back of our home when the wind picked up pushing with a North-westerly breeze. A little light rain fell from the massive, yet solitary cloud that had hovered above, casting the presence of its mass upon us for most of the day, shadowing our little house and valley with a soft spray of refreshing random raindrops, I headed indoors shortly after still obliviously unaware of what had unfolded. Apart from the surrounding earshot of birdsong being eerily silenced by the cut-off still itself I knew nothing of that which I then had the privilege to witness from a window at the side of my house. Something inside me had made me look outside. I used an old camcorder which was close to hand and that I had not long started to recharge just prior to going out twenty minutes or so before, to record this footage, and then as ever the way, the battery died. Lesson learned. Should have these things in an never-ending state of fully charged. I am sure it was a young male Goshawk and not a Sparrow Hawk due to size and markings, but I welcome any comments that can say either way. If it is a wild Goshawk eating its prey then it is very rare footage of this naturally illusive hunter. From what I could tell about the prey plumage and carcass I believed it to be a Wood Pigeon. The hawk came back a few hours after it's kill and lifted off with what was left of the prey, possibly to store it upon an airily aloft branch. It had gone with the kill grappled by it's talons within seconds and before I could even turn the camera on. Sorry for the shaky moments I was rather zoomed in and the tune is just to override the household noises. Anyhow here is my hawk video, enjoy.

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